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Outreach 2013

Outreach-LogoOutreach Jazz Festival 2013

SZentrum, Schwaz in Tirol, Austria


Outreach end-of-the-year Concert and Session, Workshop of Hacklmusic, Schwaz, Dec 28, 2013

Waiting for the ConcertCongas

                                Concert                                                Session


Workshop Concert July 27th + Concerts of Aug 1st-3rd 2013

Craig Harris Workshop Concert

                                             Craig Harris Workshop Band


Outreach ExpeditionsVictor Laszlo ProjectGene Pritsker's "Samplestra"

    Outreach Expeditions         Victor Laszlo Project      Gene Pritsker's "Samplestra"


Hannes Riepler Organ TrioDonauwellenreiterJane Getter Band

 Hannes Riepler Organ Trio      Donauwellenreiter                Jane Getter Band


David HelbockCraig Harrias TriHarLenium

                    David Helbock & Band                    Craig Harris TriHarLenium 


Colors by Gerhard FluchPeter Herbert EnsembleRainer Honeck Triple A

  Colors by Gerhard Fluch     Peter Herbert Ensemble      Rainer Honeck Triple A


Painting Performance

                         Rudolf E. Mitter & Franz Durst Painting Performance 


Pianos & Keyboards everywhereOutreach Orchestra

         Pianos & Keyboards everywhere         Franz Hackls Outreach Orchestra

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